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Ford GPA - part 1/1

Ford GPA

Tym razem rozpoczynam mały projekt dotyczący pojazdów, które były wykorzystywane podczas przekraczania Wisły przez Armię Wojska Polskiego (Berlingowców)– amfibię Ford GPA.

Historia użycia Ford-ów GPA

Podczas desantów 1 Armii Wojska Polskiego wykorzystywane były m. in. amfibie w postaci FORD GPA. Amfibie te był na stanie Armii Radzieckiej, która wypożyczała je polskim żołnierzom na przeprawy. Zawsze kierowcą takiej amfibii był żołnierz radziecki.
Podczas forsowania Wisły polskie oddziały wspierał radziecki 274 batalion amfibii.

Model - Ford GPA

Do budowy Forda GPA wykorzystałem Academy Kit 13408 - WWII Ground Vehicle Set 6 - US Halftrack M3 with Amphibian Vehicele and motorbike.


The Polish positions in the Czerniakow district were the closest to the Red Army forces on the Vistula. Inside Czerniakow, the 600 survivors of Group Radoslaw put up a spirited defence, which was bolstered by the appearance of Berling's LWP (Polish Army) troops across the river. Radoslaw massed most of his troops in buildings near the river's edge and on 14 September he sent a courier across the river who made contact with the 1st Polish Army (LWP). An officer from the Polish 3rd Infantry Division crossed the river early on 15 September to inform Radoslaw that his unit was going to begin a river-crossing operation that night.
Once darkness fell, a Soviet major Latyszonek (or Lotyszonek) led about 300 troops from the 3rd Infantry Division across the Vistula in small boats, Ford GPA and landed in Czerniakow.
To cross the Wistula river Berling’s LWP using also Ford GPA - Amphibian Vehicele.
During the crossing of the Vistula river Polish troops have been supported by the Soviet Amphibious Battalion 274.

The battalion-sized force brought with it 14 machine guns, 16 anti-tank rifles, five anti-tank guns and eight mortars, which significantly increased Polish firepower in this sector. The LWP troops joined up with Radoslaw's AK troops to defend the key houses along the waterfront, but the rest of the division failed to cross. On the night of 16 September, Soviet aircraft began dropping weapons, ammunition and food to the enclave in Czerniakow, but since they chose not to use parachutes, much of it was destroyed or damaged on impact. On 17 September, 1,200 more LWP troops crossed the Vistula.
Just as the Czerniakow bridgehead was crumbling, the 1st Polish Army attempted three other small river-crossing operations on the night of 19 September. Several rifle companies from the 3rd Infantry Division attempted to reinforce the Czerniakow landing but were turned back by German mortar and machine-gun fire. The 1st Infantry Division tried to push two rifle battalions across near the new railway bridge, but was also repulsed. Further north, the 2nd Infantry Division managed to get part of a battalion across

To build Ford GPA vehicle I used Academy Kit 13408 - WWII Ground Vehicle Set 6 - US Halftrack M3 with Amphibian Vehicele and motorbike.

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